Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Keys to Twenty-Two Year Loving Relationship 

Keys to Twenty-Two Year Loving Relationship, Spiritual Partnership and Marriage with Robert and Betty Lue

So much could be shared with you about what has created a continued deepening of our mutual love and respect for one another.
I will give you the primary elements.


God brought us together 22 years ago with an intention of being an "on call" team for God.
We are here to support one another in all we do everyday in everyway.
Because this relationship is a gift from God, we both treat it with utmost respect.

I know that I am responsible for my thoughts, feelings and activities, and so is my partner for his thoughts, words and deeds.
Therefore there can be no blame or guilt when we take total and absolute responsibility for our imaginings, our words and our behavior. Since both of us are committed to live a Good and Godly life, we accept full responsibility for dedicating every moment to loving and serving the highest and best.

When there is joining for the Good, all things are possible and perfectly supported by Spirit.
Both of us are aware that any conflict is a flagrant waste of energy and creative power.
We choose to use everything we have, everything we are and all that we are called to do for the Good of All.
So we cooperate and work together with our inner guidance at the Center of our lives.

How could this union not be eternally growing and a blessing to us and our world!

Totally grateful for it All,
Betty Lue

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