Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Perfect Happiness 

God's Will for us is perfect happiness.
If a loving creator created us, then our Creator's will must be for us to be happy.

Happiness encourages allowing Love to flow through us to all creation.
Happiness is like the sunshine that heals and vitalizes and awakens our beauty.
Happiness is a gift we can give and receive with no cost and only benefit.
Happiness is a effective aid to healing, growth, learning and creativity.

Only our judging and fearing minds can make us unhappy with guilt and shame.
Only our thoughts of punishment and retribution can withhold all Good from others.
Only false beliefs in the motivational power of pain and suffering can set up hell on earth.
Only separating ourselves from the essential Love we are can validate war, disease and pain.

Whatever is not Love cannot come from the source of Love.
Whatever is anti Love must come from temporary insanity.
Whatever is opposing Love must generate from a fear of Love.
Whatever is withholding Love must be a source of punishment and pain.

Choosing to be happy is fun, safe and easy.
Choosing for happiness is letting go of fear, judgment and punishment.
Choosing for happiness is a gift of love for ourselves and those around us.
Choosing for happiness is healthy, inspiring and creating Goodness.

Let us forgive ourselves for making ourselves and others unhappy.
Let us forgive ourselves for thinking sorrow, fear, anger and guilg will benefit anyone.
Let us forgive ourselves for taking on other's pain, criticism or faulty thinking.
Let us forgive ourselves for letting worldly defensive teachings ruin our happiness.

May Thy Will be my will, that I might always choose for happiness,
Betty Lue