Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Those Were The Days! 

Remember May baskets with flowers hung on the doors of your neighbors?
Remember wearing hats to church?
Remember smiling during the day?
Remember taking the time to ask people "How are You?" and really meaning it?
Remember playing games like hop scotch and Go Fish with your kids?
Remember making ice cream by taking turns with the crank?
Remember when we just played outside until dark anywhere in the neighborhood.
Remember when we could carry homework and books home in our arms?
Remember when we listened to the radio or read books?
Remember when we trusted people to do what they said with a handshake?
Remember when we knew our neighbors and co-workers by name?
Remember when we went to church or the park instead of bars to meet people?
Remember when we believed what our leaders said?
Remember when the weather seemed enjoyable and less like a threat?
Remember when we said pleas and thank you to everyone?
Remember when we opened doors for elders and treated everyone respectfully?
Remember when we sat down every might to a home-cooked meal?
Remember when we took time to enjoy being together as a family?
Remember when we all welcomed the new neighbor?
Remember when we pitched in to help someone with a new baby?

I love this time of year beginning with May Day and ending with Memorial Day weekend.
It is time to “remember a few of our favorite things and then we won't feel so bad."
And as we begin to introduce them back into our lives, we feel more happy and whole.
Let us just begin with one positive change today and watch happiness grow.

I forgive myself for any way I have let go of attitudes and activities that are loving and giving.
I forgive myself for any times I have allowed the world and media to mislead me with fear.
I forgive myself for forgetting the Love and Joy (Spirit ) in me is meant to lead my life.
I forgive myself for becoming part of the crowd, compromising my inner Guidance.

I love you and me and want us all to live happy and free!!!
Betty Lue

It is easy to cooperate when there is serious sand play!
Take time to enjoy all our children, yours, mine and ours!!

They are blessed by our love.

Remember to trust them and free them to BE them!