Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Do You Want to be Special? 

Do You Want to be Special?
Do You Make Others Special?

Specialness creates attachment.
Specialness requires judgment.
Specialness fosters comparison.
Specialness encourages dependence on others.

Parents make their kids special.
Lovers make their beloved special.
Egos make themselves special.
Entrepreneurs make businesses special.
Nations make their people special.
Religions make their beliefs special.
Leaders make their decisions special.
Politics makes certain groups special.
History makes people and events special.
(This includes special good and special bad.)

What you begin to see is it is all an illusion here to teach us we are creating our experience.
We are creating the picture we see with the judgments and beliefs we hold.
Love creates Love.
Fear generates fear.
Judgment begets judgment.
Lack creates lack.

What we conceive and believe, we achieve.
As a man thinks, so is he.
What we envision and focus on with full faith, we fully experience.
The present moment seen with loving eyes is only that of full appreciation.

My intention is to Love as Love and Goodness Love….without condition, without specialness.
I intend to love all equally, no matter what the station in life, education, age, ability or challenges.
I intend to forgive all my fear and see clearly that all are equally and forever loved by Source.
I intend to love and respect myself fully so that I can fully love and respect others.

Today in this Loving Reminder I am declaring this simple and Holy Truth, as my reminder.
I have been made aware again that egos want to be special.
I have experienced again that personalities are vying for attention, privilege and special treatment.
I am realizing that Spirit is inviting me once again to declare and live my commitment to God.

I serve the Highest Good for All.
I listen to the Voice Within.
I honor what I am called to do and be, to give and have.
I am grateful this is so….for so it is.

Loving you all equally,
Betty Lue

Life is like blowing bubbles.
Some blows yield nothing.

Some last and burst before appreciated.
Some last for a few moments of enjoyment.
In the end, all are blown away in the wind.