Friday, June 08, 2007

Freedom with Responsibility 

Responsibility Brings Freedom

I notice how often criticism comes to those who accept responsibility.
I notice how few critics step up to be responsible.
Perhaps the two go together.
Where we judge others, we fear the judgment of others.

In my building families, communities, teams and organizations, I have found that support, encouragement and appreciation of those willing to take on leadership and assume responsibility makes everyone happier and stronger.

Empowerment begins with the encouragement of those stepping into their power with true responsibility.
To disempower comes from an internal fear of power beginning within ourselves.
The means to disempower are many, since they are generated by the clever and resourceful ego.
Disempowerment comes from gossip, complaints, pettiness, lack of appreciation, sabotage, distraction.

When someone takes responsibility for fixing a meal, how do we encourage them?
Appreciate what they do. Offer support and encouragement. Enjoy the meal.
Ask to clean up afterwards. Make them feel good about what they have done.
This will strengthen and increase the probability that they want to do it again.

To make it unlikely they will ever take responsibility again, we can do the following:
We take it for granted. Belittle their efforts, Make comments and criticisms about their
way. Offer advice without being asked. Forget to say "thank you." Leave them with the cleanup.
Compare their meal with others. Silently think they should have done this along time ago.

Life is an opportunity to be respectful of all those who are willing to be responsible.
We need to ask ourselves "How would I want to be treated, acknowledge and supported?"
We need to recognize the amount of time, effort,courage and heartfelt service went into their choice.
We need to look deep into the motivations of those who serve and step up to be responsible.

I choose to give others what I would want in similar circumstances.
When I take on a responsibility, I want to be left to my own inner guidance about how to fulfill it.
Therefore, when someone takes a responsibility in my organization or family, I trust them to do it.
I will cheerlead, praise or quietly acknowledge as I hear from them what is wanted.
I will not interfere, nag, or wish they had done it differently.
I will not advise or criticize unless I am invited to specifically give input.

I respect and admire those who are willing to come from their own center of love with wisdom.
I fully appreciate those who take responsibility for contributing to the good of all.

Blessings of Love,
Betty Lue

Just beautiful family interactions.
My step daughter Lacey and my newest Grandson Beckett..