Monday, June 04, 2007

Need to Heal or Create? 

Where there is anger or fear, guilt or resentment, there is a need to heal.
Where there is joy, gratitude, love and enthusiasm, there is a call to create.

Upsets are the wakeup call, symptoms of unhealed and unforgiven past stuff calling for inner healing.
We can try to avoid the person or situation or defend ourselves with justifications, but the experience will reappear until we heal. The inner healing asks of us that we take responsibility without guilt or blame. The inner healing asks that we open the door to our egoic wounds and neediness to be able to let the light shine on what remains from a past that no longer exists.
Without a history, there would be no fear or anger.
Toxins call for clearing with journaling, forgiveness, Breathwork, carthartic release or simply choice.
Let go of whatever no longer serves you.
When you are complete, you will feel joyful, grateful and at peace.

That is the time you can begin to create.
With enthusiasm, respond to your inner voice and inner vision with a resounding YES.
Give your vision flesh, make it real in your mind's eye.
Your joy is a sign of feeling open, willing and worthy of spiritual or inspirational connection.
Listen for what resonates and gives your energy.
Let love and joy lead the way.
Trust totally that you can and will have exactly what you have in mind.
When something else shows us, know it was lying in your subconscious.
When a piece needs to be healed, get inspired to do the mental house-cleaning.

Life is a manifestation of the spiritual work we do.
When we are willing, the work continue.
When we are unwilling, we quit in despair, or disappointment.
Everyone is healing and clearing the past.
Everyone is creating their present experience.
Some have leftovers everyday.
Some are creating a new recipe.
We all are choosing.

Loving you,
Betty Lue