Thursday, June 07, 2007

Swimming Upstream? 

Are you going against the current?
Are you casting your pearls before swine?
Are you giving your best to those who don't care?
Is there a message from them you are not receiving?

Sometimes in family and relational systems, we call this passive aggressive behavior.
But wait…maybe we just don't get it!
Perhaps we have assumed they are like us.
Perhaps we are believing they see the big picture and take responsibility for their part.
Perhaps we are just too busy with out own agenda to notice the signs of unrest.
Perhaps our own overdoing and exhaustion causes us to miss the main message.

Wendy and the Lost Boys was a story about a little Mommy who joined them to serve them.
Are we getting lost to serve the lost?
Are we dimming our Light to be among those sitting in the dark?
Are we waiting for joining from those who are separate from themselves?

Yes the world feels like many lost souls collectively commiserating.
Often humanity sets a course of complaining when they could be responsible.
We can pick our causes and set out course without consulting those who are misguided.
We can choose to move ahead without filling the boat with drowning souls and drowning together.

So I am going back to the drawing board and asking myself…
What is my Higher Purpose?
Why am I here? (In this family, relationship, organization)
To what and to whom do I owe my allegiance?
Where am I aligned with those I am loving, living and working?
How are we going in different directions?
What am I being called to contribute?
What is the missing piece?

So as I ponder, I realize a reassessment is needed.
I do not know what others expect, desire, believe and assume about my part.
If this is true, they probably do not know their part or what I believe about them.
When we (any two or more) are not aligned in purpose, process and practice, there will be wasted energy.

If you are like me, this is no time for wasting a drop of energy.
If you are working on living a spirit-guided life, practicing principle in all your affairs, there is no laziness and no time off.
If you are called to love all unconditionally, perhaps it is time for us to ask them…
Where are we going together?
What do you expect of me?
What is your role in our family or enterprise?
What are the needs you expect me to meet?
What do you believe you must do for us to be successful?
What is your picture of success or fulfillment?

Set our north star together.
Where are we going?…Vision
What is our work together?…Mission
Why are we doing this together?…Purpose
What are the tangible and observable outcomes we desire?…Goals
What are the most effective ways we can achieve our desired outcomes…Processes and Practices
What are the most functional forms of communication (respect and responsibility) we need to live?…Principles

Time to go to my ashram..with the children! Loving you, Betty Lue

This might be our own car....

Or maybe our rickshaw....

Or our very own time machine!