Friday, June 01, 2007

What Can You Do? 

You make a difference in your life.
Find your path and your purpose.
Take impeccable care of yourself and your life.

Where you are lazy, you may be vulnerable.
Where you are asleep, you may get rudely awakened.
Where you are guilty, you may fear punishment.

Every act is sacred, when you are awake and aware.
Those who are active in creating their life will not let anything slide.
They are aware that making their bed is a gift of gratitude and completion.
It sets the tone for a day of conscious appreciation and self-respect.
Eating a good breakfast is an act of preparation for our daily holy work.
Brushing our teeth is a sign of respect for our loving relationships.
Paying our bills on time with appreciation indicates our value for what we have and give.
Recycling is a gift to mother Earth to all humanity and future generations.
All our words are recorded in the unconscious collective and they teach by example.
We can regard ourselves as little limited victims of past and present circumstances or we can step up and recognize we are creating with every conscious and unconscious choice.

What you have now in your life, you have created with thoughts, words and deeds.
Imagination creates. Unconscious belifes create. False learnings create. Fear creates.
Forgiveness heals. Spiritual vision clears. Awakening transforms. Choice undoes.

Are you willing to take responsibility for staying awake?
Are you willing to be responsible for the quality of your relationships?
Are you willing to be responsible for how money and finances work for you?
Are you willing to be responsible for your home, your health, your emotions and your fulfillment?

This is an amazing time in human consciousness to choose again.

Pray peace. Pray healing. Pray awakening. Pray choice. Pray harmony. Pray freedom with responsibility. Pray honoring our lives and our planetary home.

We are the ones and Now is the time.

Loving us All as One,
Betty Lue

Full Moon time at 1:04 Am on June 1st and the Blue Moon is the second full moon in the month. June 30th at 1:49PM

Do whatever it takes and enjoy every lick of life!