Sunday, June 10, 2007

What We See 

What I see is a part of Me.
The Beauty I see is the Beauty in Me.
The Holiness in Thee is part of Me.
The Love I see is the Love in Me.

So what is the yucky stuff I sometimes perceive?
Misperception, apparently!
I judge the behavior as bad, wrong, needy, cruel, unloving.
I am seeing in them what they see in themselves to be acting that way.
I forget to see the call for Love and for Loving Reminders.
I forget the world is teaching fear.
I forget we often have no loving role models.
I forget all lack of Love is always a call for Love.

We always and only fear what we judge.
We always and only Love what we accept.
What we attract is a reflection of our inner request.
When I am loving, I see only Love and the call for Love.

When I remember I am Love always loving, I easily respond with Love.
When I imagine I am just human, afraid and defensive, I react with Fear.
When I see you are a part of me, together as one, I Love you as I Love my Self.
When I see you as separate and different than me, I doubt, judge and avoid loving.

There is much work to be done by All of us as One.
To remember the place that Loves All as One,
To respond to the need with the Love we are.
To accept what seems different and difficult,
This is our call.

Love unconditionally.
Give positive regard to everyone no matter what with the Love of God.
Serve from the heart.
From a place of joy and gratitude we give all to all without duty or sacrifice.
Remember God.
To stay awake to the intrinsic Goodness in which we are all created is the key to happiness and peace.

Loving you is loving me.
These Loving Reminders are for the One of us, you see!
Betty Lue

I always remember the Truth of Love, even when I appear to forget.
Simply ask your authentic Self, how to respond with Love?