Sunday, July 01, 2007

Freedom with Responsibility 

Love is Freedom and Trust.
Our creator has given us total free will.
Our creator has entrusted us with the gifts of unlimited power and peace.
Our creator has unconditionally loved the creation with full freedom and trust in us.

When we love, we trust the other and free the other from our rules and restrictions.
When we are free, we are responsible for the results of our freedom.
When we are trusted, we must be able to respond to whatever the outcome.
When we are in fear, we doubt, limit and attempt to control the other.

Given the freedom to express, we must also accept responsibility for the outcome of that expression.
Given the trust to follow our inner guide, we must also recognize unconditional is the love.
Given the freedom with responsibility, we know we are seen as equal, whole and good and loving.
Given a life time of learning, with conscious and unconscious errors, we must take responsibility.

Responsibility means the ability to respond, no matter what the circumstance.
We can only fully consciously respond when we have taken impeccable care of ourselves.
We can only fully respond when we have neither guilt nor resentment.
We can only fully respond with love when we value learning and accept natural consequences.

How are we all free?
We are free to think our own thoughts.
We are free to behave however we choose.
We are free to interpret our world as we wish.

How are we responsible?
We are responsible for knowing our life purpose.
We are responsible for fulfilling our dreams.
We are responsible for staying on course.
We are responsible for our thoughts.
We are responsible for our words. We are responsible for our behavior.
We are responsible for our commitments.
We are responsible for the example we set.
We are responsible for how we utilize our time, energy and money.
We are responsible for establishing a spiritual faith and connection.
We are responsible for what we give and to whom.
We are responsible for who and how we judge.
We are responsible for tour laziness and the excuses we make.
We are responsible for how we are supported or dismissed.
We are responsible for keeping our agreements.
We are responsible for the equality of our relationships.
We are responsible for our health, finances, environment and home.

Sure sounds like we are responsible for everything we experience in life.
Loving you with my whole-hearted ability to respond to the Call for Joy and Love,
Betty Lue