Wednesday, July 04, 2007


We are free.

We are free to go or to stay.
What is for the Highest Good?
We are free to laugh or to cry.
What is our preference?
We are free to express or withhold.
What will be best for all concerned?
We are free to create or destroy.
What will yield the outcome we want?
We are free to be rich or be poor.
Which supports our spiritual growth?
We are free to give or to get.
Which will expand our consciousness?
We are free to fight or surrender.
What is the result we seek?
We are free to be right or be happy.
Do we have a preference?
We are free to keep our agreements or make excuses.
Which yields greater confidence and inner peace?
We are free to give our best or be lazy and get by.
Which will empower us in future endeavors?
We are free to let our emotions rule or stay connected with Spirit.
Where do we find the highest wisdom?
We are free to listen within to Spirit or listen outside to humanity.
Which will guide us to a fun, safe and easy life?
We are free to be ourselves or please others.
Which will give us the peace and power of integrity?

Yes, we are free to choose.
Life is a gift of free will and choice.
Our path is one of repeating the past, getting stuck in fear or freeing ourselves to move on in trust.

Loving our freedom,
Betty Lue
I am free!!!! What a big kid I am.