Friday, July 06, 2007

Missed Communication 

I am responsible for everything that happens to me. I have asked for and received as I have asked. ACIM

How can this be?
My perception and judgment of what I see is my responsibility.
How I respond to what I experience is totally mine.
It is through "trial and error" that I can choose what I want to experience and how I choose to respond.
It is through life experiences that I learn to value love more than fear and peace more than conflict.
It is through upset that I awaken to my choices to forget my purpose here.
It is though inner listening to the voice within, the place of eternal peace and Love that I come home to my whole and Holy Self.

So what does all of this mean in the everyday stuff of life?
We are being refined and awakened by the pictures we project onto those around us.
It is though our interaction that we come to see where we are blind to what is.
It is through the bumps in the road that we discover where we are assuming, expecting and making up our world.

How I respond to those bumps is my choice.
The ways we respond give us power and peace or disempower and build conflict and anxiety.
Some are here for personal lessons in loving relationships.
Some are here to learn how to heal or teach or lead.
Some are here to serve all unconditionally.
Some are here to envision and build a more enlightened world.
Some are here simply seeking their own peace and pleasure.

We are called here for a holy purpose.
Whatever that purpose is lives within us and is our Holy and healing choice.
When we listen and follow, honor and learn, give and receive whatever is, we are on purpose.
When we forget, forsake, are detoured, delayed and distracted we interfere (enter-fear).

Every time I have erred, I forgive myself.
Every time you err, I forgive you.
What else needs to be done when we are on course with our Holy Purpose.
It is in forgiveness that we see the light and are set free to find and follow our Holy Purpose.

I am loving us all as we learn quickly and easily from our mistakes,
Betty Lue
(PS Mercury, planet of communication, has been retrograde since mid June-July 9)