Monday, July 02, 2007

Responsibility with Freedom 

(My Mom's birthday) (Also the birthday for the union of Robert and Betty Lue)

Here are some notes I made for my talk at the Home of Truth Spiritual Center in Alameda yesterday. In honor of my mother's 86th birthday today I am sending them on to all of you. My Mom was the primary example for me of responsibility with freedom. Not only did she free me to be the responsible and free being I am, but she also modeled how to be responsible with joy. To this day I admire her ability to love, serve and remember the Good in all people and circumstances. She is a free and independent woman who is totally and absolutely responsible for her thoughts, words and activities. She gives selflessly and gives generously to those who come her way. I love, admire and respect who she was, who she is today and all she is coming to be.

Sunday's Notes - Responsibility with Freedom

Just as in human life, there are many ages and stages, so in soul development and spiritual cultivation, there are many ages and stages. We are each responsible for our own learning and growth, but we also are called to encourage, support and model for others our spiritual growth.

Younger souls get what they can from life, in relationship, business, and material success.
They ask, demand, manipulate and practice being needy and dependent.

Older souls give everything they have to life, in relationship, business and life fulfillment.
They share, model, teach and invite others to grow in responsibility and independence.

Maturing souls give to get, and through trial and error, grow into being happy and peaceful.
They have emotional, relational and financial upsets to heal and awaken them to find a spiritual path.

When we find ourselves, needing to learn responsibility with freedom, we must find a role models.
When we are stuck in our immature ways, we must look to those who are following a spiritual path.
When we are children, without appropriate parental models, we must find them as adults.
All of us need someone to admire, to appreciate, to learn from and to believe in to grow spiritually.

Responsibility begins at home.
My parents believed they were temporary guardians for the children, there only to guide us, if needed.
My mother, an older soul, believed in giving each person as much responsibility as they could handle and a little more. She taught me by her example that being responsible was a privilege and indicated a deep sense of love and trust. I was responsible when I arrived and carried through on giving the best I had in all circumstances, even as an infant. My parents talked with me as a conscious person from birth and I responded consciously. I was never belittled, dismissed, held back, or in any way felt limited or lacking.

Are you giving those you love responsibility for their lives?
Are you expecting your children, your mate and your friends to be respectful and responsible?
Are you teaching those around you by your example how to be on time, keep your home and financial affairs orderly, pay for what you have, work hard for what you earn, do your best at all times, never lie, cheat or steal?
Do you take responsibility or try to pass it on to others?
If you see a need, are you willing to fill it?
Do you take responsibility for your errors, either conscious or unconscious, rather than explain or justify?
Do you appreciate those who are your mentors, models and teachers?
Do you value those who are taking responsibility, bosses, ministers, elders, leaders?
Remember, "admiration" means looking to others to exemplify and teach by their example.

Be totally responsible for the beginning, the follow through and the end.
Be responsible for yourself, for your home, for your finances, for your relationships, for your spiritual path and for your whole life.
It is in being responsible that you recognize, you are free.

Enjoy your responsibilities as much as you enjoy your freedom!
Loving you all,
Betty Lue

Here are some little responsible and free cherubs.
This is the perfect age to learn the joy of being responsible.