Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Transitions and Changes 

Transitions are changes in circumstances, relationships, environments, attitudes, planes of existence.
All changes seem to create shifts for everyone. When we are comfortable and stuck in homeostasis, attached to the same, the same, the same, changes may be upsetting, threatening and even resisted.
The more we embrace, enjoy and even celebrate change, the more easily we allow life's transitions.

Some say, "Attachment is the source of all suffering. " For me clinging to an every changing experience will precipitate the pain of losing people, jobs, money, health, beliefs. Life changes and we change as we heal and grow, trust and let go. Letting go easily will facilitate greater happiness and inner peace.

"Letting go is fun, safe and easy" is a powerful and helpful affirmation to be written and spoken until the body/mind let go of their attachment to keeping things the same. Write and speak the affirmation 20 times daily for at least two weeks, to release your resistance.

The more we let go of fear, the more we experience the joy of Love.
Love never ends. It merely changes form.
When you experience the permanence of loving, you realize that only Love is Real and all else is illusion, temporal and transitory.

Blessings of Eternal Love,
Betty Lue