Monday, August 06, 2007

Accentuate The Positive 

"Accentuate the Positive.
Eliminate the Negative.
Don't Mess with Mr. In Between."

These song lyrics that tell it like it is to create the good that is available to all of us.
Getting anything from others begins with how we think and speak and act ourselves.

What we give attention to, talk about and work on grows with our focus.
To focus on trying creates more trying.
To focus on fixing what is wrong, manifest more wrongs to fix.
To focus on needing more will create more needing.

So what do I do to have the life I really want?

Give attention to, talk about and grow your gratitude, your blessings and your joy in life.
Focus on the Good you do.
Focus on all you have and all you give.
Focus on the abundance that is within and all around you.

Life is as rich as you perceive it to be.
The perception begins within in our minds.
There is nothing to see outside ourselves until we believe it to be there.
No one can fill the void we make up in our own thinking and judgmental mind.

Woops! This means we are all entirely responsible for our experience!
Yes, and what a relief to know I can choose to change my mind and think gratitude and abundant joy.

Loving you in seeing what is True,
Betty Lue

It is easy to cooperate when there is serious sand play!