Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Love is Truth 

Love is Truth, not a Feeling
Love is a State of Being.
When you seek for Love, you will always find it.
God is Love and Love is All.

If Love is letting go of fear, then we are all loving one another when by simply being here.

If Love is letting go of neediness or specialness, then Love is indeed freedom and trust.

If Love is our natural state, then we cannot stop being the Love We Are.

How could we miss feeling happy and peaceful, when we are all always loving and loved?

It must be because we are withholding our Love , due to our fear and judgment.

And maybe when we judge others, we miss that they are extending Love to us and All.

Sure hope you get,….
I am always loving you, busy or not, separate or not, sick or not, cranky or not.
I am always loving, since Love is my natural state.
I know you are always loving me even though you may not know it, feel it or believe it.

Loving you, loving me,
Betty Lue