Sunday, August 05, 2007


Play is what we love to do.
Work is anything we resist doing.

"Plork" is my made up word for "Play and work" together.
People sometimes think I am a workaholic, but actually I am a child who loves to play at life.
I see life as a playground.
We are all playing the game of life, trying to figure out how to win.
We are all children here, trying to figure out how to play together so everyone will be happy.
So I create games and ways to have everyone win, as much as they are willing to let everyone win.

We learn to take life seriously by watching how serious the grown-ups are.
They seem to know what they are doing, so we think that we need to do what they do.
We practice being like Mommy and Daddy by playing dress up.
We put on their clothes and talk like they sound to us.
We mimic their mannerisms and even treat our siblings and friends like they treat people.
Later in life without realizing it we live out their patterns and behaviors and crises.

Like animals imprint their young with what is needed for the species to survive, humans imprint their children with the unconscious script to reproduce, protect their young, strive and stay alive.
If we stay unconscious, we act out our parental patterns within our own families with eating habits, health issues, body types, financial crises, job experiences, relationship stresses and even death.
If we wake up, we can undo, forgive and reprogram what seemed inevitable with our own choices for lifestyle, relationship and work experiences, attitudes and opportunities to heal and grow.

The transformation of our past with healing, forgiveness, affirmation, prayer and deliberate choice will awaken us to create the life we prefer. If we perceive a limited range of alternatives, a lack in knowledge and expertise and believe "we don't matter", we will limit ourselves unknowingly.

One of my preferences is to play at life……To recognize my life can be fun, safe and easy.

Even when the world of egos is teaching and demonstrating serious, dangerous and difficult,
I can listen to the Spirit of God, the Joy in my heart and choose the high way of freedom and trust.

Now why would I do this….
Because I know God's will for me is perfect happiness.
I know to be stuck in seriousness is the ego's error and a tool for deception and distraction.

Children play at judging, scaring, rejecting and then making up.
Children try out being mad and mean, silly and happy, scared and needy, demanding and upset.
Children try out emotional states, shifting minute by minute.
Children learn by watching adults enjoy work or hate it, work to completion or quit, feel pleased with a job well done or always demand more of themselves.
Children learn to be satisfied or stressed.
They learn how to be focused or distracted.
Children learn to enjoy working and helping or get tired and resist.

I love to be with the children.
They remind me to enjoy each moment.
They show me how to be curious and full of delight with the natural world.
I observe them get distracted by the abundance of toys.
I see them fight over one special toy, when there are literally hundreds of others available.
I see how little it takes to shift attention from one game to another when adults interfere.
I see how natural minds shift into seriousness by the struggle to win, to have, to serve itself alone.

Some playful tips:
· Play at life and remember how easy life can be.
· Move around all obstacles allowing the natural flow to prevail.
· Choose to be happy rather than right.
· Give up the need to win at another's expense.
· Be an advocate for God, the Good, rather than a Judge of Evil and sin.
· Find ways to enjoy each moment of the day, rather than wait for the day to end.
· Seek out opportunities to love, to laugh, to let go and to learn with everyone.
· Let each day be the opportunity to enjoy it all, home and work, rest and play.
· Give up the need to make some activities hard and serious and dangerous.
· Begin to envision ways to make up fun, safe and easy games wherever you are.
· Be a child, dressing up for the work and pretending to be the worker.
· Engage in life with natural enthusiasm, curiosity, enjoyment and appreciation.

Loving us all as we play everyday, in the most natural way.
Betty Lue