Friday, August 03, 2007

Who Is This God? 

I'm having difficulty putting "a face" on my spiritual presence. I believe in God, I pray to God, but I'm not at all sure what he/she looks like. Help! When I do pray, it seems most comfortable to simply direct my attention to the sky - the sun, moon, stars, clouds. Am I way off base? J.

"………….. I can no longer see any logical, emotional, physical, spiritual connection between a Generative/Creative,Operative/Sustaining/Descontructive/Reconstructive/Transformative/Restorative/Rejuvanative (my GOD principles) energy/force that created and sustains this spectacular universe (and maybe more that our senses are not aware of) and eternal condemnation and punishment of the very beings that are an intimate out-expression of this energy/force. It is beyond my scope of imagination that [GOD] would condemn any part of itself to eternal punishment. …………..

Not having studied "New thought" or Unity, I would like to become more educated. So my first question is, what, if any, are the similarities or differences between traditional Christianity and new thought? E.

These two questions arriving within a few days causes me to pause and reflect on the Truths I share and the practical path of spirituality that I am called to "teach".

While raised and baptized in traditional protestant (Christian) churches, I was offered many opportunities to attend other services and always honor all religions, nationalities and peoples within my family. While I have been a member of several Unity churches and now am co-minister of Home of Truth Spiritual Center, a New Thought church in Alameda, CA, spiritual guidance for the founding and direction of Reunion Ministries has always been to facilitate people in finding their own path to faith and freedom from fear. Rainbow Reunion was focused on the reconnection of individuals with their own definition of God, Higher Power, Source, the One, Great Mystery, Allah and Jehovah, the Trinity and Spirit. Reunion is also about reconnecting with our Authentic Self, the Love We Are created to be, and recognizing all humanity as our brothers, our spiritual family. We are the One Son, One Light, One Love of God, when we remember the Love of our Creator and the Love we are created to extend to one another.

Now those are my words and the words I understand.
When I listen within, what you receive in these Loving Reminders is the language which is most easily received by me.
However, Spirit, Source, our true Parent speaks to us in the language in which we can each best hear.
All are chosen by God.
All are loved by God equally.
All are guided by Spirit.
However, few actually listen and allow themselves to receive and believe the Truth of their Divinity.
The key is to forgive our self judgment, fear of punishment and denial, so that we know we can receive the healing Love and empowering Light of God everyday in every way. Every child comes in with a divine connection to Creator. Children usually stop listening within in early childhood when the outer voices become more insistent and loud. We can all take time to suspend our thinking (judgments) and listen to a higher way, a more expansive perspective and begin to explore living our lives for the Greater Good, the God of All That Is.

Now about the punishment and anger and fearsome stuff….
When we have only experienced parents as being judgmental and punitive, it is natural that we project this image onto God.
When we do not have a positive and loving face or form for God, how can we believe or trust what we hear?
When we have lived with teachings of external authority, it would be natural to rebel and then get lost in uncertainty and doubt.
When we have tried the way of institutions and experienced abuse or misuse of power, we may distrust what churches, temples and religion does. When we read the history of the Christian tradition as well as most others, we can see where the leaders and teachers allowed their egos to use the people together wealth, power and privilege to sustain themselves and the institutions rather than serve the people by serving God and the Greater Good. (Fear is the most powerful control over people!)

In brief, New thought came from spiritual seekers at the turn of the century who founded Unity, Religious Science and Science of Mind and Christian Science and Home of Truth.
All of them listened within.
All of them honored teachings in the Bible.
All of them sought to create a tradition based in Love and total acceptance of all paths, while seeking to teach what "worked" for them in creating health, happiness and harmony among mankind.

And for me, I am part of the New thought movement always honoring all religions and no religion, trusting each and everyone to find and follow the path that eventually leads us all home to the Good of our hear and the good within each one of us.
These are just words.
My life is the demonstration of what I know and am given to be and create with the good of all in my heart and mind.
Thank you for asking.
Betty Lue

Betty Lue’s Teachings as a Child

We are whole.
We are not lacking.
We are not limited.
We are here to be helpful.
We are happy.
We are loving.
We are free and unrestricted.
We need no criticism or praise, for we know we are right within our Selves.
We are trustworthy and trusting.
We are honest and open.
We are generous and share everything of value.
We value what is real and lasting.
We are patient as we learn from everything.
We are to love everyone equally.
We are to follow Love and our Inner Truth.
There is nothing to fear.
There is complete innocence, as all are children.
There is nothing that cannot be forgiven.
All paths lead to Good.
All things are possible.
Love gives us everything we ask for in the name of Love.
Miracles are natural.
We are all in the family of man and everyone is our brother.
God is Love and we are His loving creation.
Healing comes from the release from guilt and fear.