Saturday, September 22, 2007

Affirmations Exposé 

On Tuesday, Sept. 11 during our Awaken Your Authentic Self class, I chose the affirmation:
"I now treat myself with sensitivity and respect." Recognizing that I have chosen impersonal life of service to all people, giving all to All as I am guided by God, I honored the little child inside me , B'Lue Joy, with the realization that I don't always treat her with the tender care she deserves. This affirmation was to remove any obstacles to giving her what I give to my grandchildren and many around me. What I didn't know was that everything unlike the affirmation will come up for healing, forgiveness and new choices. So some of you may have seen from my loving reminders a quality of tenderness and personal feeling which are usually not present.

I have had life experiences which have been difficult, painful and discouraging personally. However, in my choice to live according to God's will, I have chosen to move on, to get up and give the best I have each and everyday to love and support those around me.
This life of service has been and continues to be my source of strength, internal support and sustenance.
I am renewed when I am truly helpful. I am fulfilled when I give.
I am encouraged when I watch others heal and grow in faith.
I am reborn with each letting go of what no longer serves the highest good.
I celebrate those obstacles which have become opportunities to forgive and choose again.

Life can be difficult, dangerous and serious at times.
Yet, it is through listening within and knowing where I am led that sustains and encourages me.
The wellspring of inspiration that comes from within is eternal and empowering.
I am given all I need when I simply stop, find a quiet place and listen within.
New beginnings abound when I remember god is my Source, my Rock and my Foundation.
I am healed and at peace when I remember Who walks beside my, holding my hand, lighting my way.

Know that my impersonal Self and life of spirit-guided service is a gift to all and to Betty Lue.
Know my service is always about building a better world of safety, happiness and peace for all.
Know that my personal little innocent girl, B'Lue Joy is a gift to humanity because she is always wanting everyone to just be happy and live together loving one another.
Both personally and impersonally, we are together loving forever, no matter what the apparency.
Let Love prevail. It is the only lasting reality and our way home.
(More tomorrow.)

Loving you,
Betty Lue

This is where I go to remember the Truth in Loving!
This is one of my sweet cherubs, Harper after her nap.