Friday, September 07, 2007

Appreciation and Open-Mindedness 

We cannot know God nor Truth, until we experience full appreciation and open-mindedness.

When we lose our Selves in pettiness and problems, we forsake our inner peace.
When we are lost in self-indulgent tears and fears, we relinquish our spiritual inheritance.
When we find ourselves judging and complaining, we are attacking our limitlessness.
When we declare we are helpless and hopeless in our longings, we have closed our minds to God.

The fast track to goodness is full appreciation of All That Is Good.
The quick route to Wholeness is being willing to see only Holiness.
The fun way to reclaim the Truth of our Being is honoring the limitless within.

Let us begin today to look for the Good in all things.
Let us seek to be open to the beauty and kindness within.
Let us seek to see beyond the temporal illusions of body, space and time.
Let us full enjoy exactly where we are and what we are doing the for Gift that we give.

Every smile symbolizes the warmth of the sun.
Every word can offer the wisdom of masters.
Every song can reclaim the music of angels.
Every sunrise and sunset reminds us of eternity.

Let us give full appreciation to all that is and open our minds to the wisdom within.

We need to lift our Spirit's with the choice to begin right now.
Take a walk.
Sing a song.
Breathe a sigh.
Say a prayer.
Write a note.
Share a hug.
Take some time.
Give your cares and worries to God.

Blessed be,
Your ever-loving ME