Sunday, September 16, 2007

Letting Go 

Where we are attached to anything of this world, we may experience pain.
Where we are trusting and freeing All, we will experience Joy.
Life is a process of letting go of everything that is not Love.
Life can be fun, safe and easy, when we trust in God and freely let go.

The world teaches specialness, attachment and acquisition.
Spirit offers equanimity, release, and freedom.
God is All.
All are Love. All is of God.
Everything we need is provided.
We need do nothing nor be anything to be loved by God.

Where we make anything or anyone special, we must defend our specialness.
Where we are attached to an outcome or condition, we must preserve our need.
Where we are collecting stuff, ideas or people's approval, we must work hard to get and keep.

Once again in the symbolism of autumn, we let go…..
Let go of beliefs, stuff, wishes and people.
The life cycle allows us to try on all the seasons in nature and within our human condition.

In the winter we conserve and envision.
In the spring we plant seeds of possibility and begin again.
In the summer we enjoy the nurturing of our vision, our garden of possibility.
In the fall we harvest our crop, give gratitude for what we receive and let go of the rest.
And begin the whole cycle again, year after year.

The challenges come with each new season of our spiritual growth and understanding.
We may build our spiritual home and family, establish our place and then find in the harvest time a call to let it all go only to begin again.

What can this mean, but to find our place of healing, comfort and spiritual support and inspiration within.
Is it not time to follow our inner calling to surrender to the highest ground.

When there is an earthquake, do we wait for things to fall down around us or do we move to safety?
Where there is a flood, do we wait for a boat or helicopter or do we move to higher ground?
When we are in need of a friend, do we seek from those who are troubled or do we listen within?
When lost and alone, do we wait for a passerby or do we get still, find peace and follow inner direction?

Now is such a time.
We each one must give ourselves those healing and holy moments to be still and listen.
We all must set the highest example by asking for the Highest Good and following the way of Love.
We as a spiritual family can be the ones who lead by how we respond to the needs of the time.

Fight against nothing and no one.
Surrender only to Love.
Give the Truth we know.
And be helpful to those who ask.

This is the way of the peacemakers, the spiritual warriors, the care-givers and true friends.
This is our way, as we remember to come home to the Truth and Love within.

Betty Lue, always Loving You!