Thursday, September 06, 2007

Make the Most of Your Time 

Why not live life to the fullest?
Why not use the resources you have well?
Why not experience abundant living by living abundantly?
Why not make the most of your time, talents and treasures?

Give to the Source of your Good.
Give to what fulfills and inspires you.
Give to what brings health, happiness and peace of mind.
Give to what reminds you of Who You Really Are.

What really matters to you?
What fills you with joy?
What lifts your spirits?
What gives you energy?

These are the ways to support yourself.
These are the things that make life worthwhile.'
This is the real reward in life.
This is how to nourish, nurture and support your whole Self.

When your life is filled with meaningful moments, relationships and activities, you are fulfilled.
When your path is enlightened with blessings, miracles and holy encounters, you are inspired.
When you mind is focused on gratitude and love for what is happening right now, you are encouraged.
When your memories are of the many gifts, both given and received, you are content.

Making the most of our time is choosing how we spend it.
Making the most of our life is choosing how we give it.
Making the most of our talents is choosing how to utilize them.
Making the most of our treasures is choosing with whom to share them.

Give to those who value what you give.
Create what is good and wholesome for all.
Offer what will be a blessing for those who have asked.
Listen within and follow the path that is guided by inspiration and Spirit.

Life is a joy and a gift worth living and giving.
Blessed be,
Betty Lue

It is so good to remember the first moments of discovery and mastery!