Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Without Forgiveness 

"Without forgiveness, I will still be blind." ACIM Lesson 245

We cannot see what really is until we have forgiven.
We are judging what we do not really see.
All of us are disabled by lack of sight.
Everyone who is judging anything is blind to the Good that Is.

I am willing to forgive everything and everyone all the time.
I am willing to let go of my limited beliefs and faulty thinking.
I want to see things differently.
About all else I am determined to see the God, the Good.

Forgiveness is erasing the darkness, distortions and distractions in my mind.
Forgiveness is clearing the block of guilty and fear, hurt and resentment in my heart.
Forgiveness is undoing the contraction, tension, pain and dis-ease in my body.
Forgiveness is the spiritual eraser, the cosmic cleanser, the disease dispenser.

I forgive simply because I choose to be free.
I forgive because I want to be happy.
I forgive because I seek only Goodness and Love.
I forgive because when I am healed I am healing my world.

Let us together pray for the willingness to let go and be Present in Love.
Let us together give thanks for the gift of forgiveness which allows us to save ourselves.
Let us together remember that all are our brothers and sisters, created by the same Creator.
Let us together celebrate our freedom and trust in our Love, the Love of God.

Now it the time.
We are the Ones.

Bless us all everyone.
Betty Lue