Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The Past is Gone 

Only when we carry the past in our consciousness, does it remain with us.
The past is not here.
Usually we store memories, both positive and negative in our archives.
We can choose to let the past go and leave in its place only Goodness.
The past is gone.
All that is left are blessings.
And so it is that we are free.
No ghosts to haunt us.
No fears to contract the flow of love.
No pain to distract us from the beauty of today.
No defenses to build so that we do not repeat what was.
The past is gone.
We live today, this moment and each moment.
Here to create what is good and holy and beautiful.
We are present to experience the Presence of Love, here and now.
We are the ones who step aside from the past and future tripping to see what really is.
We can be forgivers of what appeared to be as we give endless of the Love and Light of God.
The past is gone.
We love unconditionally and serve from the heart.
We give the best we know every moment.
We are here now to remember God's Goodness in All That Is.
And so it is.
We are free.
We are happy.
All is well.

Loving you,
Betty Lue
Kids stay in the moment and teach us to be really present with them.
Everything changes in an instant.

Each moment matters as if it were the only moment.