Monday, October 01, 2007

Teaching and Learning 

(Notes from my talk at Unity on the Delta yesterday.)

We are all teachers one to another.
We are all learning from one another.
Everything we think, say and do is teaching all the universe.
We are creating the world we see with our thoughts and words.

Some say thoughts create.
So what we think is creating our experience.
Some say our words are a vibration that creates.
So what we say is building the world we live in.
Some say our behavior speaks more loudly than our words.
So our behaviors are our teaching.

Look around to see what you are teaching.
The world is a magnificent screen on which we project our ideas, beliefs and actions.
The more we engage in fighting, the more we see conflict.
The more we see war, the more we strengthen our internal wars.

How can we teach peace, when we are in conflict?
How can we find inner peace, when we think we must fight for what we believe?
How can we be peacemakers, when we make others wrong for fighting?
How can we learn to be peaceful, when we talk to others about ending war?

Life is a failsafe laboratory where we can find ourselves or lose ourselves.
When we live in this world, we can forget our own truth and buy others' truths.

We are teachers of innocence, here to reestablish the reign of Love.
Holy Spirit will paint a picture on our lives, if we ask for God's Will to be done through us.
We can live a personal life of getting or choose an impersonal life of giving.
We can work on healing ourselves or creating the world we want to see for All.

To have All, give all to All.

Story: This last year has been interesting and educational for me.
As I give my life to Spirit, I was guided to a church and spiritual center for ministry.
Instead of simply doing Sunday sermons, I invested in paying the debts using fund-raising and membership pledges. Instead of letting things simply fall to others, I chose to gather new energized teams to renew and rebuild a 100 year old facility. Instead of waiting to be asked by the Board, I listened within to Spirit and gave all I had to inspire, renew and remind a dying order. Instead of letting the congregation be a family of 20 or so folks, I chose to build new membership and practice outreach ministry. I listened to Spirit to find vision, energy and resources. When the teacher is ready, the students appear. When the students are ready, the teacher appears. When the teacher isn't teaching what some students want to hear, they turn a deaf ear. When the teacher isn't doing what makes some students comfortable, they want the teacher to leave. When the teacher isn't filling the emotional needs of making those students special, the students may go away or make the teacher wrong.

What was I teaching?
What am I learning?
I am teaching to be proactive in following Spirit.
I am teaching that old wine cannot be placed in old wineskins without turning sour.
I am teaching that to be happy, we must forgive the past.
I am teaching there are times to leave an environment that is toxic, angry or disruptive.
I am teaching we can each choose to leave people and places that are unhealthy and interfering.
I am teaching that Spirit will decide for us so that no one loses.
Psalms 118:8
"It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man."

As I put my faith in God, I realized, we can walk away from conflict to find peace.
One can choose the path of love simply by moving on with Love and Faith and Courage.
One can live in the grace of God solely by forgiving any and all judgments.
One can be falsely judged, crucified and hung on the cross and resurrect to a new creation.
God is Good and there is no need to be stuck in any place, relationship or situation.
Peace is found within.
Peace comes before understanding.
I choose peace instead of this.

What am I learning in this life?
What am I teaching?
I am reminding myself and others.
Rather than listen to the false teachings of the world,
I prefer the teachings of Christ and the great Ones who stay connected to God.
I prefer what I know from within.
So this is what I live and teach, what I teach and learn.

I am here to be truly helpful.
I am here to represent Him who sent Me.
I don't have to worry about what to say or do because He who sent me does direct me.
I am content to be where God wishes knowing He goes there with me.
I will be healed as I let God teach me to heal. ACIM

Loving you by telling you what I am learning now.
Betty Lue

What are you learning from your life? We are always teaching ourselves and one another!