Sunday, November 04, 2007

Bumps in the Road 

If you fall asleep at the wheel and hit the lane markers, it is time to wake up and get in your lane.
If you find yourself hitting potholes in the road, it may be time to pick a better lane or steer clear.
If you find yourself next to a poor driver, an angry driver or someone who is distracted, move away.
If you find yourself running out of gas, it is time to stop for a refueling and/or rest.

Life is much like driving your vehicle.
If you know where you are going and how to get there, it is best to follow the guidelines you know.
If you know how to live well, staying healthy and happy, it is best to live what you know.
If you meet detours and delays, it is best to look for the most safe and easy path.

So what does it mean when life gives you lemons?
What does it mean when the cherries have pits?
What does it mean when you get bruised along the way?
What does it mean when you find yourself in terror, anger or trouble?

We need to stop and take time to listen within.
We need to pause and learn to look and observe the inner and outer landscape.
We need to ask ourselves, where we are no living in integrity with our values and higher purpose.
We need to be willing to undo whatever is no longer true or do what is true for us.

Sometimes the upsets are simple wakeup calls, because we have fallen asleep on the job.
Sometimes the bumps are to make us aware of getting comfortable and ignoring needed changes.
Sometimes the pain is indicating that we have been in denial and ignoring our intuition.
Sometimes the problems are simply opportunities to forgive and choose again.

The ever-changing landscape of circumstances and relationships is not conducive to assumption, simple maintenance, or getting comfortable with familiarity. We must learn to be conscious and present with the current state of affairs and respond with integrity. This includes our health and financial state, as well as attitude and inner guidance. All give clues as to the path that is fun, safe and easy. Remember when we are listening to the voice that guides us for the Highest Good, the way is made clear so that we experience peace and prosperity, health and happiness.

Challenges are useful tools if seen as gifts of awareness.
Upsets are grand opportunities for those who respond with peace.
Accidents are great wakeup calls for those who are resisting paying attention.
Surprises along the way can provide interest, drama and delightful new adventures.

PS I noticed recently that my “top had become wobbly”, (Inner gyroscope was off kilter), because I was not spinning at my usual speed.
Each of us has a vibration or rhythm, which is “right” for us. To honor it yields ease.
To slow down or speed up too much or change the pace erratically can be upsetting and cause problems.
Noticed I was klutzy three times in a row. Spacey, getting ahead of myself or ignoring what I was hearing inside.
However in a store yesterday, I stepped away from a place (when I heard “something may come down on you).
And within 2 seconds the new Christmas sign being installed fell where I had been.
Pay attention all the time.
Stay awake in life and your will know.
Be conscious and listen within and you will be guided perfectly.

Loving us all on the high way of life.
Betty Lue

Doesn’t this just say it all!!!!