Saturday, November 03, 2007

Here I Am! 

Computer upgrade turned out to be a non-working computer for the last five days, but here I Am Again!
I truly miss this daily opportunity to tune in and share with you what spiritual guidance I receive.
It has been a daily practice now for almost nine years, with over 900 people receiving directly from me on 11 lists and thousands more receiving loving reminders from those forwarded by you. This is a fabulous way to connect around the globe to REMEMBER LOVE AND RETURN TO WHOLENESS.

Reunion is the Reconnection with Source, remembering one Self, and Reunion with others for the realization of our Union in God and the Good that Is. Founded in 1977 informally by those gathering to learn and practice positive parenting and inspired living with me. In 1981 Reunion Ministries became a non profit tax exempt church without walls and no dogma to teach: it offer classes and counseling to facilitate folks in finding and following whatever spiritual and inspiring path yielded health, happiness and contribution for them individually.

We have founded fifteen + centers in five states, all holistic, all non-profit, all volunteer (no paid staff), all community-based and open to all ages, backgrounds, spiritual beliefs, serving all no matter what their financial circumstances. We have had no outside funding, meaning that we have funded these centers ourselves with the help of donations and funds received from students and clients. We live simply so that we can easily serve the Greater Good of those called to be with us. We mentor and coach holistic practitioners who seek to learn and practice within our centers. Our Living Ministry program facilitates the learning of those who seek to live and give to others from their inner spiritual guidance. The Program Reunion Ministries and the Living Ministry Program does not teach others what to believe, but encourages people to live according to the ethics, values, spiritual principles and beliefs that resonate for them. Our work includes counseling and coaching, holistic health consultations and education, meditation and spiritual practices, mentoring health practitioners and ministers, groups and classes for relationships, communication, life purpose parenting, whole life balance and success, practical Feng Shui and T’ai Chi Chih, Energetic Life Balancing, Touch for Health, Reiki, Practical Spirituality, Enneagram and lots more. Whatever we are learning we share and learn more by teaching, currently we are serving in three locations: Center for Conscious Living in Pleasant Hill ( with 16 holistic practitioners), Center of Light in Alameda (to be opened Jan. 1, 2008) and Unity on the Delta in Oakley where Robert and I serve as ministers. Periodically we return to Kalamazoo, MI and to Asheville, NC for workshops and clients and to Kona, HI for group retreats.

So why do what I do?
My mission is to inspire, encourage and facilitate others to live on purpose and actualize their potential.
My life purpose is to be happy and a loving reminder.
My function is to forgive judgments, fears, and beliefs that interfere with the awareness of perfect Love.
My primary principles practiced daily are following inner spiritual guidance, remembering Love, seeing only Holiness and creating what is Good, Beautiful and Healing.
I came in remembering my work here is to live Love teach Love and be Love., so I am willing.

Now what do I do when glitches happen, and there are bumps on the road or I feel blocked.?
Tune in tomorrow….
Loving you and All I do, for the Love of Me and You and All That Is,
Betty Lue