Monday, November 05, 2007

What Do You Do? 

Follow the letter or the Spirit of the Law?
Be gentle and forgiving of someone who is doing harm to another?
Follow the commandments or go to war?
Live according to the rules of man or the guidance of Spirit?

We are confronted daily with opportunities to explore our values, ethics and commitment to our beliefs.
We are given opportunities in life to think for ourselves or do what others say.
We are challenged by authorities who say what to do, but don’t honor their own edicts.
We are offered ways to stand up for what we believe or become apathetic and let “them” decide.

Do you believe in doing harm to another? Mental, emotional, physical or financial?
Do you believe in killing, torturing, abusing, bullying, attacking, belittling, making others feel guilty?

Do you think the Law is always right , fair and just?
Do you believe in just going along to get along?

Do you think we need to model our values for others to learn or teach them and preach them?
Do you believe that everyone has a right to choose what they believe in and the values they live?

Do you think you should be silent when you see an adult hurting or frightening a child?
Do you believe in letting people learn by experience or stopping them from doing harm?

When confronted by someone who is judging you, do you defend, explain or justify your behavior?
Do you believe their process, feelings and attitude is not for you to judge or resist?

How we believe and how we live belie the Truth of our lives.
Each of us must be willing to consider the outcome of our choices.
Each of us can find higher ground simply by being willing to look, forgive and choose again.
How we respond to what life offers us determines the efficacy and ease of our learning.

Learning is fun, safe and easy when we are willing to let go and choose again.

Loving me and you in being and doing what is True,
Betty Lue