Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Becoming strong is work.
Being physically fit is work.
Being spiritual is work.
Living in integrity is work.
Impeccable self care is work.
Balancing ones’ whole life is work.
Healing the past is work.
Loving others well is work.
Staying connected to Spiritual guidance is work.
Taking care of the environment is work.
Healing oneself emotionally and physically is work.
Providing for the basics of food, shelter and clothing is work.
Doing service for humanity is work.
Correcting mistakes is work.
Forgiving oneself and others is work.
Learning something new is work.
Changing limiting habits or negative beliefs is work.
Living a good and Godly life is work.
Creating goodness, beauty and wholeness is work.
Paying bills, keeping agreements and being on time is work.
Developing and maintaining a spiritual practice is work.
Being a good parent or helpful son or daughter is work.
Becoming a productive team member is work.
Being responsible and respectful is work.

We are here to learn to work.
We are here to do the work with love and respect.
We are here to be grateful for those who do the work.
We are here to do the work.

Life can be fun, safe and easy, only when we do the work.

Working 24/7 because that is what I do with love for the sake of Love.
Betty Lue
It is my Joy to work for Love!

Hexagram #47 commentary form Master Hua-Ching Ni in the Book of Changes (p. 498)

The Mystical Change of the Person Who Succeeds in Connecting his Energy
with the Subtle Divine Energy of the Universe

One is no longer tempted by former bad habits, nor does one chase after worldly pleasures.
Old physical maladies gradually and completely disappear.
The mind is right, and the body reflects one’s righteousness.

One stands firmly on one’s own two feet.
Deep calm pervades one’s internal and external atmosphere.
One finds one has both the time and the energy to accomplish any task.
One purifies oneself and is at peace with one’s environment.
One never becomes violent and has untiring patience with one’s fellow beings.
One is worry-free and always has a joyful heart.
One is never jealous of another’s prominence nor greedy for possessions prized by others.
One has no ambition to live a vain or luxurious life.

Because one eats simply, one maintains serenity.
One keeps one’s physical desire subdued and one’s virtue high.
One develops true knowledge, dissolves all obstacles, and extends oneself to meet the eternal Way.
One experiences concepts of life and death are merely the ebb and flow of the eternal breath of Tao.

One dissolves one’s ego and with it all internal and external conflicts.
One does not seek longevity or personal happiness nor does one struggle to hold onto material things.
One does not use the speakable as truth to suppress those who are silent.
One has no desire to go beyond one’s means or ability.
In one’s pure mind, one holds no illusion or strange thinking.

One nurtures a firm character through selfless giving and self-oblivion.
One never emphasizes that which one does as right, nor does one claim credit for one’s undertakings.
One knows things thoroughly from beginning to end.
One also knows there are certain things one will never do.
One avoids involvement in contests for worldly profit or glory.
One is amiable and useful.
One embodies harmonious equilibrium and creative appropriateness.
One enjoys ease, both internally and externally.
One strives only to surpass one’s own virtue.
One obeys the universal spirit in order to evolve higher.
Before touching the formed, one rests in the unformed.
One enlightens oneself and never tires of awakening the world.

“In times of adversity, cultivate yourself.
In times of prosperity, help the world.”
Master Ni