Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Keeping Agreements 

(We are keeping our agreement with Spirit to be ”On Call for God and Serving Only Good.”)

When we keep our agreements, we gain strength and confidence.
When we disregard our agreements, we lose strength and confidence.

With our Money Seminars, Robert and I were inspired and learned as much as we inspired and taught.
Whatever is given honestly is received first by the giver.
Whatever is taught authentically is being learned first by the teacher.
Whatever is spiritually healed, is always being healed within the healer.
Whatever is being lovingly reminded, is always for the one offering the loving reminders.

I hear you Betty Lue.
I appreciate you Betty Lue.
I am one with you Betty Lue.
I am learning with you Betty Lue.
I am always giving my best to you Betty Lue.

Did you know that these reminders were originally a spiritual request from within my inner guidance?
Did you know that I was reluctant to even use a computer in December of 1998 when I began?
Did you know that they take about 30 minutes total to write and send out to 10 email lists of almost 1000?
Did you know that I simply sit with my hands on the keys and type what I hear within?
Did you know that they may save you hundreds of dollars I health care cost and counseling?
Did you know they cut the counseling time I spend with folks to far fewer sessions?
Did you know that I receive only 2-4 email responses daily?
Did you know that I don’t feel complete when I am not able to write to you and me daily?
Did you know that what I receive is loving, trusting connection with Spirit and YOU?

We are all in this together and You can help me!

You can practice daily the best you know.
You can take the time to be still and listen within.
You can give someone your blessing today.
You can forgive mistakes and those of others.
You can contribute and appreciate what inspires you.
You can take impeccable care of yourself.
You can give more love, joy and peace for healthy and holy purposes.

We are building a new non profit Community center.
Robert and I are investing about $7000 to rent, design, furnish and initiate the programs and services.
We are committing about 20 hours weekly on site and 10 hours of business administrative time.
(in addition to our Center for Conscious Living in Pleasant Hill (20-30hrs/wk)and our ministry for Unity on the Delta (10 hrs/wk), plus 2 days/week caring for our grand children.)

We invite you to contribute to our new community Center of Light in Alameda.
Donations are a tax-deductible contribution to Reunion Ministries and we thank you!
This is a great way create a better, happier, healthier and more inspired world one person at a time.

Loving you and always giving the very best I am given.
Betty Lue

Spiritual Tips for Abundant Living
1. Honor and Respect your Self.
2. Do what you love and love what you do.
3. Appreciate what you have.
4. Stop complaining, wishing, fantasizing.
5. Clarify what ego wants and what Spirit wants.
6. Recognize the difference between temporal pleasures and eternal treasures.
7. Spend less than you earn.
8. Notice that you always have more than enough to share.
9. Expect life to work for you and your happiness.
10. Your Spirit-directed choices never require explanation, justification or convincing.
11. Get clear on your real priorities (health, travel, new home, service, retirement, etc.)
Set aside the money needed and live on what’s left.
12. Give your Self and others only what is for the Highest Good (useful, valuable & inspiring).