Friday, December 07, 2007

Life Is A Gift 

When you appreciate what you have, it increases in value.
When you disrespect, ignore or criticize what you have, it diminishes in worth.
What you value, benefits you with peace, comfort, ease, freedom, enjoyment and well-being.
What you de-value, drains your energy with negativity, judgment, hate, resentment, guilt and criticism.

Your life is a gift to you, given by the Source, the One Who created you.
Your life was given as a gift for Holy Purposes.
When you recognize and receive the gift of life with gratitude, you will cherish your life with respect.
When you resent and abuse the gift of your life, you will feel scared, guilty, confused, lost and alone.

Your life was given to you for Holy and healing purposes.
When we know our purpose, the sacred calling for life, we are better able to navigate the stormy seas.
When we are grateful to our Maker, we can call upon help with certainty that our needs are being met.
When we know there is a reason of Being, we seek only to fulfill that purpose in Being here.

When we are clear life is a gift, given by One Who loves us and seeks only our Good, we are grateful.
When we know that this life is to be lived awake with respect and expanded awareness, we stay present.
When we realize that all life has Holy Purpose, we pay attention and celebrate the calling of each Soul.
When we honor our life and treat our selves with impeccable care, we love and embrace our Purpose here.

Look at what your life has been and patterns are revealed.
These patterns or events in life demonstrate what is beneath our emotional judgment.
The events and relationships of life demonstrate what can be achieved, learned, healed, grown and given.
Look with a neutral mind and grateful heart to see what is there, your Holy Purpose.
Whatever your True Calling, live it well.
Be honored in choosing to receive the sacred gift of life and live and love well.

Blessing us all as one,
Betty Lue