Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Light In You 

To be unlimited and free is to claim your inheritance.
To be trusting and giving is to recognize your Source.
To be loving and kind is to forgive all mistakes.
To be happy and whole is to give only Love.

We are all here to clear the way to living, loving and giving our best everyday.
We are here to relate to one another in a forgiving way, undoing what blocks full appreciation.
We are here to remember the Source from which we came with gratitude and profound Love.
We are here to realize there is nothing greater than to love another as our Creator loves us.

As we are in the Holiday and season of Holy Days, it is this we are to remember to know peace.
The gift we are to give to each one, stranger and family member alike, is the gift of our Best Self.
The real gift of this season is our Peaceful Presence, filled with appreciation and open-mindedness.
When we perceive one another in a holy and healing light, the mistakes of the past are washed away.

What is important is before us in this precious Present moment.
What matters is how we think of and speak of one another right now.
What gives us joy and sets all free is the trust and love we share.
Remember, today, to give the Best you have to everyone who comes your way.

You are the Gift.
Now is the time to give yourself.
Join in the celebration, not by buying, but by Being the Love You Are.
Give generously from your heart and you will receive the reward of instant Joy.

Loving you, loving me and all.
Betty Lue