Sunday, December 09, 2007

Light, Light, More Light 

The energy of the Sun provides life.
The energy of the Son provides love.
The energies of their Light give us sight, both inner sight and outer sight.
To see, we must be willing to relinquish our illusions.

What is it we can see in the light of the Sun?
We see the beauty of the earth.
We see the wonder of the skies.
We see the miracle of our birth.
We see the healing of our love.
We see the abundance within and around us.

What is it we can see in the light of the Son?
Within each one of us is a light more magnificent than the sun.
Within the creation of the all loving, all powerful and all present One, we find limitless power and peace.
There are no limits to what God, Creator and Source can do to us and through us.

And still, in order to reveal this Light and this Love, we must be happy and willing to let go of our blocks.
Where we are distracting our selves, we will not notice or appreciate the blessings already here.
Where we are defending ourselves against self-made fears, we cannot know the Love that protects us.
Where we are denying ourselves the Real gifts of freedom and trust, we will not receive True Prosperity.

When we invite in more light into our minds we relinquish ignorance and intolerance.
When we receive more light in our hearts, we forgive all fear and separateness.
When we allow more light in our bodies, we experience a healing peace and boundless vitality.
Light bathes away all darkness and frees our attachments to clear the way to inner peace.

In this time of seeming planetary darkness, let us bring the light of our love to everyone.
In these times of advertised disease, hunger and despair, let us feed everyone with respect and kindness.
In these times of Holiday frenetic buying and giving, let us gift others with our peace and appreciation.
In these times of financial stress and uncertainty, let us trust in Abundant Love for each other.

We are here to remember the Light.
We are here to give our de Light.
We are here to bring the Light.
We are here to enlighten our world.

The blessings already are within You and Me,
Betty Lue