Saturday, December 08, 2007

No Complaints 

What would our world be if there were no more complaints?
If all we thought and spoke and did issue forth gratitude and loving kindness?
If everyone dropped their false expectations, their judgments and prejudices?
If we gave up wishing and fantasizing and simply accepted what it?

The has issued fuchsia colored bracelets which I wear and have given to many of our students and friends.
They say it takes up to 21 days to develop a complaint-free habit.
Whenever you find yourself judging or complaining about something or someone, you simply switch the bracelet to the other wrist.
When habitual patterns are interrupted, the awareness will create a new possibility.

Consider developing the awareness of letting go with ease and forgiveness of complaining, gossiping, judging and defensiveness to open the way to gratitude, lasting joy and a feeling of peaceful acceptance of the way it is.

Remember: Awareness with love is healing.
We need not fix or change or try to change anyone, including ourselves.
It is through peaceful awareness and acceptance that we come to erase negativity and judgment from our minds, our speech and interactions.

Blessings on all of us this season for giving the gift of gratitude and joy,
Betty Lue