Monday, December 10, 2007

Toxic or Not? 

Have we created a toxic environment?
Do we ingest foods with little nutrition and lots of toxicity?
Are we preparing foods in unhealthy ways?
Do we feed ourselves poorly just for convenience?

Have we created toxic relationships?
Do we interact with people for little fulfillment and lots of negativity?
Are we creating relationships that are unhealthy for all parties?
Do we communicate poorly just because it is popular and easy?

Have we created toxic jobs and careers?
Do we make our living with little fulfillment and lots of stress?
Are we creating more work that is not healthy for al concerned?
Do we continue to work with resentment and lack of integrity jus because we get paid?

Have we created a toxic lifestyle?
Do we live with little meaning and purpose and lots of unhappiness?
Are we causing more depression and dis-ease in ourselves and our families?
Do we live a lie pretending it is the only way to get by?

We cannot complain about the abusive world when we abuse ourselves.
We cannot begin to undo what is not true until we stop deceiving ourselves.
We cannot make a real change until we end lying, cheating and stealing from ourselves.
We cannot return to a healthy happy way of living until we forgive our mistakes.

Now is the time to make a real change.
Now is the time to choose again for what is truly highest and best.
Each small step will lead to the rest of what is Good for All.
When each one begins right where we are, the rest of humanity will be blessed.

So let us begin here and now.

Loving you and wanting real commitment and change.
It begins within me and You!
Betty Lue