Sunday, December 02, 2007

We Are The Light! 

As we approach the time of greatest dark, Winter Solstice on Dec. 22, we are called more steadfastly to bring our light to our world. Light comes through forgiving the dark thoughts, unkind words and deeds done with ingratitude and resentment. We are filled with light personally and collectively, when we think the Highest Good and speak with patience and positive regard, and act with full appreciation for the gifts we are given and those who receive them.

It is easy to go along with media, gossip and the inference humanity is basically flawed and there is evil.
It is easy to fit in when we act like others, focus on fear and suffering, illness and tragedy.
It seems easy and normal to defend and protect ourselves against bad things happening.
However, what we perceive and attend to becomes our god and is strengthened within ourselves.

To bring the Light requires consciousness and attention to the Sun, the Son of God, the creation of Good.
To bring the Light asks that we celebrate and encourage hope and faith and love with everyone.
To be the Light of the world invites us to turn up the brightness within and remember to be grateful.
To be the Light in our families, our homes and our communities asks that we become givers of Goodness.

No matter what our religious beliefs, many traditions invite us to celebrate at this time of year.
Whether Christian, Wiccan, Jewish, Kwanzaan and others I do not know, remind their peoples that the Light comes in times of darkness and seeming difficulty. It is in the times of apparent lack and limitation that the Greatest Light and Love are needed. We are here to Give from the wellspring of Love within.

To find the Light, we must go within to our faith in the miracle of Love.
To know the light requires that we practice by giving only Love.
To bring the Light asks that we give the Best we know without specialness to all people everywhere.

As we translate these words and the words of others, let us realize:
There is only Love and the call for Love.
As we listen within to the Voice for Good, let us remember:
We are the Ones here to represent the Love of our Source, our comforter and our Guide.
As we pray and speak and act in our daily lives, let us recognize:
Every unhappy and unloving expression is calling forth our forgiveness, our Love and our Joy.

We are here to be the Light unto our world.
It is through us that the Light of Creation expresses ItSelf.

Blessings on each Bringer of Light and Love to all humanity.
Loving you,
Betty Lue