Wednesday, December 05, 2007

What Are the Major Blocks?

I am always learning from everyone and everything!
What I have learned from our free Money Seminars are three major blocks exist for most people, causing most of the distress and strife in life.
These blocks appear to interfere and distract folks for joy and peace and fulfillment in relationships, health, finances and happiness.

Common Blocks to Inspired and Effective Living

1) Not knowing Who We Are or Why We Are here.
When we know our true and authentic Self and have a sense of purpose and mission in life, we can find a path that supports and sustains us.

2) Seeking a quick fix, instant healing or gratification.
When we realize that life is WORK, everyday, we will be happy and willing do what it takes to be healthy, happy and peaceful.

3) Blaming someone or avoiding responsibility for the solution to problems.
When we accept full responsibility for our life’s challenges and learning opportunities, we can successfully effect positive change and healing.

It seems so simple to see the solution to all problems as the clearing of these three blocks. See if it is so in your life.

Discover Who You Really Are.
Commit to your Unique Inspired and Purposeful Path.
Develop the healthy habit of working daily to inspire and cultivate your Best Self.
Suspend all judgments, blame and guilt.
Be totally responsible and grateful for the quality of your life and your relationships.

This requires daily practice.
Begin today.
Stop procrastinating and take one small step now.

Loving you,
Betty Lue
Take time to give yourself the gift of loving Awareness during this Holiday Season.
What you do to Know and Love You will be a blessing to everyone for the rest of your life and beyond.