Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Bad Weather 

When we run into bad weather on a flight, we trust in the pilot, the radar and the plane.
When we run into bad emotional weather, we must forgive ourselves, trust our inner guidance and commit to inner peace.
When we experience difficult physical weather (sickness or pain), we can find peace in faith, listen to our intuition and have confidence in the body’s natural healing power.
When we become afraid or in conflict about what to do, we cause distraction and delay in our natural healing and peaceful response.

Life is full of bumps and potholes.
How we navigate determines the ease of our journey.
When the road gets bumpy or precarious, slow down.
Choose wisely the course that provides the greatest safety and ease.

Difficult weather occurred this week for many.
Power went out for thousands and after holidays flus and colds for some.
Yet when we simply trust all will be well, we take it in stride.
Slow down, count our blessings, do what is easy and natural.

Because life is unpredictable, it serves us to develop our flexibility, trust and willingness to let go.
And with adaptability to life’s changes, we can become more comfortable with whatever comes our way.
So let us today be willing to release attachment to control and demanding life be our way.
Let us forgive our judgments, relinquish our fear-based attacks and trust in the underlying Good.

Only Love prevails.
Only the Eternal Truth is true.
Essential Goodness created us to be the happy, free and Good Beings we are.

So let it be and know that it Is.

Loving you, Loving me, Loving you.
Betty Lue