Thursday, January 03, 2008


This is the tenth year I have been writing and sending these daily Loving Reminders around the world. This is the tenth year I have been connecting daily with Spirit within and sharing with you.
This is the tenth year I have been getting up at or 4 or5AM because I am committed to our Re Union.
This is the tenth year I have found my day is more conscious and focused because I choose to do this.

This is discipline.
I am a teacher and learner of listening, learning and following the Highest and Best I know.
I am willing to laugh and let go of any blocks to trusting and freeing these inspired opportunities.
I find peace and ease, safety and trust, enjoyment and delight in listening within for guidance.

Discipline is to be the student, the consummate learner of what is Good for All.
Discipline is being willing to persist, even when there are seeming difficulties.
Discipline is the act of following the high road when others take another route.
Discipline is always remember to love oneself well and in this always be loving of others.
Discipline is being response-able for my relationships, my agreements and correcting mistakes.
Discipline is learning and applying what is healthy and positive and contributes to the Good of All.
Discipline is never quitting on my commitments and keeping to the most ideal path.
Discipline is encouraging others to follow their Highest Good and letting go of distractions.
Discipline is enjoying the journey and the experiences along the way.
Discipline is seeking and finding All Good and only Good.

I am disciplined in my commitment to inspire, affirm and celebrate All Good and only Good.
This is my intention and choice for 2008.
I cannot call it a goal, because I already am this and continue to be that which I choose.
And so it is.

Loving you with a steadfast commitment to All Good and only Good.
Betty Lue