Thursday, January 10, 2008

Finish Up First 

When feeling things are unsettled or upsetting or confusing or uncertain, it is because they are.
Before we get on with a New Year and a New Life and New Agreements, we must complete the old.
The ghosts that haunt and scatter our thinking are requesting to be finished and filed appropriately.
“Done with ease, excellence and appreciation.”

Look around you; in closet and drawers, your car and your office, your finances and relationships, your body and health, your plans and projects, promises and agreements.
Whatever is undone, unfinished, not communicated and unfulfilled is sapping energy and consciousness.
Now in January, today, this week and this month is the perfect time to finish what is undone.

It appears that the New Year’s resolutions and promises we make to ourselves get bogged down.
The past mistakes, misgivings, and miscommunications cloud our clear view.
Judgments, guilt and resentment block freedom of action.
Seeking to be right, getting approval and the support of others cause hidden feelings, nondisclosure and defensiveness.

To be free we must have no blocks.
Unfinished business waits for us and weighs heavily on us.
Make a list of what you need to do…before you can begin anew.

Mostly you will find, it requires…
Letting go of stuff, grudges, unforgiveness, unhappy memories and more stuff.
Stop unhealthy habits and addictions.
Let go of draining activities.
Release sucking or depleting relationships (or transform them into renewable energy.)
Forgive, release and bless your past for what you have learned and received.

Time to move on into the new when you really and finish the past with “Job well done.”
Blessed Be.
Betty Lue