Sunday, January 13, 2008

Has Anyone Told You? 

Has anyone told you how precious you are?
Has anyone let you know how much they care?
Have you been acknowledged for the giving you do?
Have you been really appreciated for your love and your care?

And how about you?
Have you given yourself the gift of full open-hearted appreciation?
Have you said out loud looking in your own eyes, ”I Love You.”?
Have you touched yourself gently, holding your face while you sleep?
Have you given your self the attention you deserve?
Have you acknowledged your accomplishments and acts of love?
Have you held only the highest and best thoughts about yourself?
Have you cried tears of healing forgiveness and laughed out loud with joy?
Have you danced through the day with a natural trust in whatever you choose?
Have you fed yourself with healthy food, sights, sounds, activities and relationships?
Do you give yourself the very best because your love your whole Self for the Gift You Are?

Isn’t it time you learn to love you?
Aren’t you the one to make your dreams all come true?
Isn’t it best to love you the best?
Aren’t you the one to know, love and respect Who You Are?
Isn’t your life the one you are here to tend to with conscious loving care?
Isn’t this about you loving you first and then loving others with the same attention and care?

When you love you and you love them, maybe they can learn how to love themselves and you too!
When you really care for you consistently, maybe your example will teach them to be conscious too?
When you really let go of self neglect and ignorance, you will stay awake and be the teacher you can be.
When you really own and honor this life you are given, you will find the keys to abundant living.

Life works when we do the real work of loving ourselves right where we are right now.
Follow the path of forgiving the judgments, correcting the errors, honoring the right choices and being at peace now.

When we are loving ourselves, we feel loved.
When we are loving ourselves, we feel free.
When we are loving ourselves, we laugh at mistakes and learn.
When we are loving ourselves, we appreciate and enjoy the life we have.
When we are loving ourselves we choose and contribute the very best.
And so it is.

Life is Good and we are Loving!
Betty Lue