Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Healthy Happy New Beginnings 

What is healthy for you?
Are you worth taking the time for you?
Is it valuable to do what is best for you?
Can you give yourself what is right for you?

Let’s start with loving you.
I love myself just the way I am.
Now value your life.
My life makes a difference in my world.
How you care for yourself is a model to others.
My whole life health sets an example for others.
Be willing to do what is best for you.
I am happy and willing to take impeccable care of me.

To be respectful is to stop “guilting” ourselves into change.
I forgive all past mistakes and shortcomings.
To be gentle is to encourage oneself to do what is needed.
I honor my best self with actualizing the changes needed.
To be kind is to appreciate and value the best me.
I truly support and appreciate being All I can be.

Life can be fun safe and easy when we do the work to be conscious, happy and alive.
I trust myself to do what is needed to be whole and happy and free.
Forgiving the past, appreciating the present and looking forward to the future are gifts to the Self.
I am peaceful, grateful and delighted with All Good that was, is and will be.

I am loving you and me with a heart that is true.
B’Lue Joy
This is how I am loving you as we ride through life together!