Saturday, January 05, 2008

Make No One Special or Make Each One Special! 

Specialness is difficult for the personality and ego.
We fall in love with someone special.
We have a special love for our children and friends.
We want others to make us special.

The positive side of specialness is when we get the good stuff…the appreciation and extra loving attention.
The negative side of specialness is when we get the yucky stuff… the criticism and dumping of negativity.
When we are loved by God, we are loved equally with all the rest of creation.
There is a neutrality, forgiveness, and peace in knowing that Love loves everyone equally.

What has special love done in your life?
How have you been treated unfairly because someone else is more special than you?
How have you taken sides or been extra hard or easy on someone because of special love?
How have you interfered with natural consequences in relationships because you take sides?

As parents, teachers, professionals, we know we are to treat everyone equally.
We understand there are personality difference.
We know we have emotional preferences.
We resonate with some people, cultures, ages, and communication styles more than others.
We have prejudices, opinions and emotional filters that tend to color our preferences.
And we know what this encourages- envy and jealousy, competition for attention, anger and fighting
and cries of unfairness and injustice- in our families, our business, schools and nation.

So how and when and who do we treat them all in a way that is fair and loving and healthy?
Grandchildren and children, we love equally, however circumstances call us to be with one or another.
Clients and students, co-workers and friends we can love, respect and serve equally.
However, we are with one or a few at a time.
When we invite Spirit to guide our lives, we can speak with and treat each one as guided.
When busy with attachment and attraction to some more than others, we forget to listen.
When feeling guilty, inadequate, busy or distracted, needy or dependent, we forget.
When happy, on purpose, forgiving the past and choosing to bring love now, we remember.

So listen today.
Love the one you are with.
Stop withholding Love.
Forgive the past.
Give the Love You Are.

Everyone benefits from whole Love and True Love.
So give Love and Love will give to you.
Remember, we are not giving anything away.
We are giving and receiving the gift of the Love given.

Life is for giving.
You are the Gift.
It is in freely giving Your whole Self and True Self that you realize the Holiness of Your Self!

Loving you,
Betty Lue
Lots of new stuff and new beginnings!
Join us in person and in spirit.
Say “Yes” to Life!
And Life will say “YES” to you!