Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Thank You! 

Gratitude is the Greatest Gift to Give and Receive.
Are you remembering to say, “Thank You”?

Have we forgotten to say Thanks to our parents?
Have we neglected to say Thank You to our children?
Have we missed saying “I appreciate you” to our partners?
Have we lost the art of saying thanks to those who work for us?
Have we ever said “thank you” to ourselves for the gift of our lives?

Prayer is Praise for the God and the Good in our lives.
Appreciation increases that which we are valuing with gratitude.
Appreciation increases our ability to see the Good and the God.
Appreciation is our way of fully receiving and giving the Love we Are.

Where we remember to be grateful, we are more likely to enjoy the experience.
When we give our gratitude for what life bring, life will be more prosperous.
When we acknowledge the gifts that show up, we can better create more of the same.
Where we are thankful to those who love, respect and support us, we love and support them.

Life returns to us that which we give.
In our appreciation we are creating what we value.
In our perceptions, we are strengthening those qualities in us.
In our active acknowledgment we are spreading light and delight.

Life works when we are willing.
Life works when we are happy.
Life works when we are committed.
Life works when we do the work.

This year my intention is to inspire and celebrate All Good and only Good.
My work is to lighten up,
Lighten up physically
Let go of 20-25 # of waiting (weighting) with more movement and less sitting.
Let go of any extra stuff.
Use for the new Center of Light, give to those who can use it, and let it go to orgs who can sell it.)
Lighten up mentally.
Release any complaints, negativity, doubts and holding back.
These are clouds in my inner view, blocking the Light and Delight in me.
Lighten up spiritually.
Share my natural joy and enthusiasm with those who come my way everyday.
Be a light bearing the Good News in all I think and say and do.

What is your goal this year?
Keep it simple.
Keep is real.
Keep it obvious.
Keep it True.

So grateful for you and the inspiration you give me in receiving and actively benefiting from these reminders!!
I AM Loving you,
Betty Lue