Sunday, January 06, 2008

What Do You Value? 

It is important to value what we value.
It is important to utilize what we value.
It is important to strengthen what we value.
It is important to appreciate what we value.

Do you value these loving reminders?
Would you prefer them weekly or not at all?
I send them to the hundreds who have requested them.
If they inspire, heal, guide, encourage and support even one, they are valuable.

Do you value receiving our 2008 Newsletter?
Or would you prefer not receiving this information?
They take about 20-30 hours to write, edit, publish and mail.
If they are valuable to only one recipient, they are worthwhile.

Do you value our on line workshops which we have begun?
The link on web:
Let us know if they are worthwhile to be offering and available to everyone.
If they make a positive difference in even one life, it is worth our energy.

Do you value the classes, workshops, retreats, holistic health tools and counseling we offer?
Our life work is to be “On call for the Good of All”, to “freely give what is All Good and only Good.”
Our intention is to teach, model and inspire inspired and spirit-guided Living.
We are here to consistently give our very best to everyone who comes our way.

Do you value our relationship, as we give with the best we know?
If even one is blessed, know it is well worth the highest and best I share with you.
If our relationship allows an expanded experience of the Love of God, it is a blessing.
If we mutually inspire, respect and bless one another with gratitude, all are benefited.

Sometimes in life we may be giving our best, but it is not being valued.
Or we may be giving our most precious gifts and they are taken for granted.
Or we may be sharing our sacred thoughts and they will be dismissed.
It is important that we create, maintain and ensure respectful value for one another.
Our world needs us all to give our best to those we encounter in life.

You see, for me, these loving reminders are what works.
I share them because they are the best I know for all humanity.
I value you and want to give you my very best.
I love you by giving you the best I have.

What more can I do?
Let me know how I might love, serve and respect you better.
I trust you to give your gifts to those people and places where they are valued.

Giving the best we have for the Good of All.
Betty Lue