Friday, February 29, 2008

Always There is Abundance! 

No matter what the appearance, there is enough.
No matter what we fear, help is at hand.
No matter where we go, we are not alone.
No matter how much we lose, we are always rich.
No matter how small we feel, we are essentially magnificent.
No matter how restricted we are, the mind is free.
No matter how big the mistake, forgiveness heals it all.
No matter what, we are loved.

We live in a physical world which appears to be limited, lacking and little.
In the world beyond the one we see, there is the true creation of freedom, abundance and magnificence.
When we are connected with our Essence, the place from which we have come and return we trust.
So today, the extra day every four years, is a gift of time to be celebrated and enjoyed.

How you utilize this Feb. 29th of the leap year, demonstrates how you are choosing to use what is yours.
Watch and listen to yourself.
Is this day filled with joy or sorrow, freedom of choice or limitation, love or fear, trust or worry?
This is our day to use as we wish.
Make it Good and filled with Gratitude and you will see what life can be everyday, when you make it yours.

Loving you, abundantly true,
Betty Lue