Monday, February 25, 2008

Are You Waking Up? 

Who is directing your life?
How are you doing with living each day?
Who I responsible for your happiness?
Who sets the values you live by?

You are making the choices to be happy or unhappy.
You decide how to use your time, energy and money.
You make up what is most important to do each day.
You think, believe and act the way you choose.

If you don’t like the life you have, choose again
If you are unhappy with the emotions you feel, forgive yourself.
If your relationships are not satisfying, look at what you can do differently.
If you are living someone else’s life and not your heart’s desire, you can change it all.

Life is ours to choose or lose.
Life is a place of experimentation and exploration.
Life is not engraved in indelible ink, never to be erased.
Pick up the hand eraser of forgiveness and conscious choice and begin again.

Wherever things have gone wrong, all we need do is say, “Not this” and choose a better way.
There are an infinite number of roads to happiness, and we get to choose the “right” one for us.
Life is a series of choices, all of them designed to wake us up to our inherited right to choose.
Let go of guilt and blame which get you stuck in the same old rut and choose to learn from it all.

Life is letting go of fear.
Let go of the fear to choose.
Let go of the fear to change.
Let go of the fear to commit.

Life is about letting go of whatever is not the High Way and the Free Way and the Happy Way for us.

Let’s wake up happy together!
Betty Lue