Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Caring For One Another 

Everyone Matters.
Every mother is our mother.
Every child is our child.
Every person deserves the same care I would want for my most cherished friend.
Giving to any one is giving to everyone.
When we practice treating others as we would want to be treated, we learn the value of community.
In loving trusting community, every lays a valuable part.
Each individual has a healing and holy purpose.
Everyone has something to offer, to teach, to demonstrate.
And everyone has wounds to heal and places to learn and grow.
Once we know the value of each cherished life, we begin to respect life and value ourselves.
Once we realize our life matters, we treat ourselves with respect for every moment.
We have time, energy and money to be well utilized to serve the good of all. And there is so much to do right here and right now. No time or money or energy to waste. Learn to give your best and live yur best with each precious moment.

Recently My 86 year old Mom was injured in a car accident and sent home from the emergency room with no broken bones, but in extreme pain, no pain meds and no one to care for her. She had some visits from friends, but no one really understood the extent of her situation. I was unable to travel or even communicate with her for the first week to my own flu stuff, but prayed and trusted her needs were being met by visiting friends. Only a few of my friends really got the extreme need and responded with dishes, laundry, setting up a Dr. visit, a back massage for the bruised ribs, helping her with pain meds and adequate reassurance and comfort. What was said to me is “I treated her like she was my Mom.”

Our young people seem to be without mentoring, financial and emotional support to get into schools and specialized training, to expand their horizons and give them direction and guidance about how to live life at the highest level without wasting time and money on TV, drugs, wasteful spending and feeling scared and sorry for the difficulties in life.

What can we do to be a spiritual community that takes responsibility for our youth and our elders?
How can we open our hearts to those who don’t even know how to ask, but desperately want help they can trust?
It is learning how to mentor and coach others, how to listen and respond, how to be available, how to understand before trying to be understood.
Asking, “Do you want help?” is to difficult for those who are not familiar with receiving.
We must listen within for spiritual guidance about what help to give and how to give it respectfully.
Let’s give to others in the way we would be most open and willing to receive…with respect for the individual, with genuine compassion and faith that the recipient is doing the best they know at all times.
Every life is precious. Everyone is important.
Our gifts are blessing everyone everywhere.
Take the risk and love someone today in a giving way.

Loving you in loving.
Betty Lue