Friday, February 15, 2008

In Times of Challenge and Change 

We can seek to find fault, fix blame or feel guilt.
We can make up causes outside ourselves.
We can fight to make this comfortable and the same.
We can contract and conserve energies in protection.

This is a common human reaction to what seems wrong, difficult and disturbing.
We also could build emotional defenses, cast spells and buy more insurance.
Or perhaps commiserate about “how bad it is”.
We have built many ways to victimize ourselves and many reasons to feel afraid.

We are good at making up reasons for “stuff happening” to us.
We can be equally good at making up ways to respond with the Highest we know.
Whether we perceive this world is a learning laboratory for us to heal and grow or the time to receive what we have sown, we still see that “stuff happens”.

Because I like to be happy and optimistic, I prefer to make up positive causes and effects.
Because I prefer looking forward than trying to figure out “why?” in the past, I simply move on.
Because I know there is an All Loving Presence and Power that sustains our Essence, I trust in the Outcome.
Because I am called to encourage Hope, strength Faith and give Love, I can only live the Highest Truths I know.

Some Made up stuff for our current human condition:
Mercury is in retrograde until the 19th.
When we declare a higher intention, everything unlike it shows up for healing.
Astrologically and according to spiritual channels, this time can be most distressing as the shift occurs.

Some Truths I know to be so, when I listen to the Voice of God’s Goodness within:
Everything unlike Love is a call for Love.
Everything that is in conflict is seeking peaceful resolution.
Every source of sorrow and pain is lacking in a joyful and grateful heart.

Now is the time for each one of us to take up the Highest Calling…..
Love more purely
Listen more clearly.
Follow the Voice within more nearly.
Day by Day.

Remember Love is Who You Are.
No matter the challenge, do not forsake your Self and Your Essence.
No matter how great the conflict or the mistake, never forget to Love.
No matter how the apparent problems, pain and disturbances seem to present themselves, remember always and only to Extend Peace, Give Love and Be Happy with Gratitude.
Be the attitude you want to see in your world.

Loving you,
Betty Lue