Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Life is for Learning 

Life is a learning laboratory.
When we think we already know, we close the possibility of discovering something we don’t know.
When we pretend we know, we often convince ourselves and others that we are no longer learning.
When we make one person, place or source the only one who knows, we give close our openness.

To learn we must be happy and willing to learn.
To discover, we must be curious and open to the unknown.
To explore, we must be willing to try, to practice, and to experiment.
To be conscious, we must be willing to relinquish our attachments, myths, fantasies and opinions.

When I do not like what I know or think or feel or experience, I am willing to see things differently.
When I do not like the world I have created for myself, I am open to returning to the Source for Vision.
When I am judging a relationship, a project, an outcome, I can easily forgive, let go and choose again.
When I feel victimized or stuck with a choice I have made, I can ask for answers and inner guidance.

There are many myths, projections, wishes and expectations we carry around without even considering they may be faulty.
Every person is different.
Every person is changing constantly.
Every person is a newly re- integrating being with each experience.
Sometimes busting old stereotypes with new generalizations is helpful to stir the pot to let go.

Below you will find some of the notes I gave in understanding the personality, motivational and perception differences in the sexes. I would value hearing your feedback. Do not attempt asking men to describe their vulnerability, because that would expose their vulnerability to themselves as well as to those they cannot trust. If Men and women could drop their objectification and utilization of one another (“Women are an Love object for Men to make happy and Men are a tool to be utilized by women to get what they want”), they would find that our only real purpose is to heal ourselves and support (don’t inter-fear) the other in healing themselves.

I often speak of the highest realm of living, being fully awake, conscious of our choices, open and willing to practice forgiveness and love and yet the vast majority 99% of people live their lives in survival with some moving into security, belonging and achievement. However, very few spend any time in spiritual seeking, self-actualization or the transcendent state of helping others. Where are you in your process. Are you filling the needs you have where you are or pretending to be further along and missing the needed healing of wounds along the way.

I am learning from you and with you,
I am willing and happy to grow in wisdom and in love.
I trust my inner source and easily allow myself to be guided in helping and awakening others.
I bless my life, your life and our lives together as we learn and grow our willingness to LOVE,
Loving you,
Betty Lue